Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Labour Candidate says "We Can Win in Bridgwater"

Bridgwater Labour Party candidate for the 2010 General Election, Kathy Pearce, a Sedgemoor District Councillor, has launched her campaign with a leaflet covering the whole constituency calling on a United Front to defeat the sitting Tory MP, Ian Liddel-Grainger.

Kathy says "Labour came second in the last general election in this consituency and we are the best placed party to over-turn Tory control in this area. The Tories have taken this seat for granted for too long with Ian Liddel-Graingers record of complacency on major issues. The Lib Dems inactivity in the area and sharp reduction in local councillors prove they are a spent force".

Kathy's campaign manager ,Cllr Brian Smedley, said
"We are calling on people to vote for Kathy as the only realistic way to get out the Tories. With the current voting system the smaller party votes are wasted ones so we ask people to think 'tactically' and vote Labour this time in the Bridgwater Ward. We know people are dissillusioned with Politics and politicians generally but in fact staying at home and not voting will merely maintain Conservative domination here . People have the power with one visit to the Polling station to help bring that to an end."

To contact our campaign email KathyPearce2010@gmail.com

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