Saturday, 27 February 2010


As the Cameron Campaign runs out of steam Nationally with a sharp drop in the Polls, local Tories in presumed 'Safe Seats'are being left to sink or swim leaving unpopular MPs like our own (and they can keep him) Ian Liddle-Grainger high and dry.

Lord Ashcroft, the multi-millionaire Tory backer, has had his £5 million pound donation split up between the 'marginals' Cameron needs in order to win the 119 extra seats to take power. This means ILG is being left to his own wits (..oh dear..)to hold onto his presumed safe Bridgwater seat.

Labour candidate Kathy Pearce has seized the opportunity and has stepped up her campaign to oust the Tory Toff. After putting out 20,000 leaflets in the Bridgwater area , which were well received, she has now immediatly taken the campaign to the Tory heartland of West Somerset only to find high levels of support. Kathy says "We have started putting out a further 7,000 leaflets from Stogursey to Williton to Minehead and down to Dulverton.I want to show people I am deadly serious and that they have a candidate who can finally get the Tories out in this Constituency!"

Kathy, hard at work in her Unity House office, is the first woman candidate in more than 30 years and the response on the doorstep show the Tories could be in for a shock.

Ian Liddel-Grainger received a further set back last week when Sedgemoor Tory leader Duncan McGinty appeared to contradict claims from his MP's website. The website claimed ILG had presented a 2,000 name petition to save the Splash. When Cllr Brian Smedley asked if he had received this,McGinty replied "I'm not aware of this."

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