Monday, 15 February 2010


Labour supporters have been out on the streets of Bridgwater for the past week putting out Kathy Pearce's introductory leaflet in the Eastern end of the Constituency - and with 20,000 out already people are realising that Kathy is fighting to win.

"People are incensed by Liddel-Graingers inactivity over the Splash closure and genuinely worried about the prospect of a Tory Government in the light of what they've done locally" said Kathy "People are looking to Labour to lead the fightback and I don't intend to let people down. People are also angry about some typically opportunistic Lib Dem leaflets being put out by their one-man show claiming their involvement in everything and promising the earth whereas everyone knows they haven;t won an election in Bridgwater since 1995!"

Campaign manager Brian Smedley added "The message we want to get out is that Kathy is a good, hardworking and local candidate who is totally committed to her Community and has a proven record of sticking up for her town and that in the voting system we have then the only way to oust the Tories is by getting behind the Labour Candidate and not splitting the vote. People are realising that all politicians are NOT the same, that their vote CAN count and that nows the time to use it or they may regret it later."

Kathy was out again today leafleting in Bridgwater's Sydenham Estate , where the first council house was opened by Aneurin Bevan, Housing Minister in the post-war Labour Government and architect of social housing. A commitment carried forward to today, with the Prime Minister's Housing Pledge "We believe in council housing and want to see more of it. As well as investing £260 million of government money in new council housing, Labour is dismantling the system which means that councils will keep all their rent and sales income and could, in the future, freely build and improve their own properties again".

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