The Tory party has dominated political life in Somerset, Sedgemoor and West Somerset for most of the last 200 years. Their stranglehold is both oppressive and self serving while at the same time condemning alternative points of view to the wilderness.

The fact of the matter is that there are more Non-Tories than Tories in the Constituency-but their loyalties are divided. The voters of the three progressive parties - Labour, LibDem and Green ,narrowly outnumber the Conservatives , the Far-Right High Tories of UKIP and the Extreme Right BNP.

At the last General Election Labour put up a hard fight but fell victim to a Lib Dem swing as people were conned by misleading publicity into voting for them 'tactically' to get the Tory out...this now seems terribly hollow and a wasted vote as the LibDems have signed their political death warrant in allying with the very Tories they asked people to vote against.

On Sedgemoor District Council Labour is the main opposition and the LibDems were virtually wiped out a few years ago. In 2001 they dropped from 12 seats to 1 after a period of time in office. Labour had attempted a coalition with them but their inability to deliver a united vote led to their collapse. There has been no LibDem elected in Bridgwater town, district or county elections in over 10 years.

On Bridgwater Town Council Labour is in control with 10 of the 16 seats whilst on Somerset County Council recent setbacks have seen Labour now with just 1 seat of the 4 town seats they once held.

THE LAST TIME THE TORIES LOST;- Was to a Unity Candidate in 1938 and again to the same Independent in 1945. Vernon Bartlett -a socialist-won a sensational by-election victory in Bridgwater with the backing of both progressive parties and moderate tories and held the seat for 12 years. To read the full story go to the web site.