Sunday, 20 February 2011

SEDGEMOOR TORIES PUSH THROUGH CUTS BUDGET....and not a liberal in sight!

Sedgemoor Tory leader Duncan McGinty claimed his Council had 'discussed with residents and staff', 'consulted with the public' and 'increased transparency and engagement' whilst announcing a budget cut of 13.8% and a staff reduction of 25%. Echoing Camerons sham 'Big Society' (as a cover for cutbacks) he said "we have found alternative ways of delivery". As Tory councillors fell over themselves to say and do nothing (apart from vote in support at the end) it was down to Councillor for tumbleweed central Paul Herbert to say "when times are tough you got to agree that Sedgemoor delivers".

Labour members stood in turn to attack the Tory record. "Local authorities today are facing an unprecedented level of cuts and uncertainty." said Leader Kathy Pearce (Labour Hamp)"The Tories are making up policy as they go along and the community is paying the price for the ideology of a Government that fails to understand local Government while boosting the profits of private companies and we arfe left to pick up the pieces! The Tory Sedgemoor budget is a short term budget based on cuts when we should be preparing for the future. We should be taking a more strategic perspective, things like the Labour Governments 'Retail initiative' should be built on,we shouldn't be reducing our economic development function , and volunteer groups depend on core funding yet we're taking it away".
Cllr Brian Smedley (Labour Hamp) said "Nobody believes the Tories when they say they've consulted on anything. The Splash? Northgate? Tescos? And the Tory 'Big Society' is a total con. We already had a 'big society'- thats the Welfare state which the Tories are hellbent on dismantling. They're talking about something thats just an excuse for cuts, sham empowerment without funding and an end to local democracy and accountability."

Cllr Julian Taylor (Labour Eastover) said "This budget doesn't take into account inflationary trends. I can see an 'emergency budget' looming and further cuts to services. "
McGinty attempted to justify his budget with reference to Harold Wilson "Whichever Party is in office, the treasury is in power"

Cllr Taylor leapt back to his feet "It's not the treasury it's the bankers! Bob Diamonds bonus alone could pay for 1,000 health workers! Itls bankers kickbacks and the community paying the price!"

The Tories then voted unanimously to push the budget through.

And what of the LibDems who claimed this week that they could take control of Sedgemoor District Council at the Elections on May 5th? Well,actually, they weren't there. Not one of them. Currently with 3 members on SDC their wild estimates of quadrupling their representation in their latest literature "Lib Dems on course to win 14 seats and take Sedgemoor" looks a the usual load of LibDem drivel designed to con the voters. However, next time the people won't be fooled.

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