Saturday, 26 February 2011


Sedgemoor Labour Party delegates took part in the 2011 South West Labour Party conference at Marjon University in Plymouth as key speaker Deputy Leader Harriet Harman told them "the South West needs an army of Labour councillors to lead the fightback against the Tory cuts."

Speaker after speaker at the conference spoke about the window of opportunity brought about by the collapse of the LibDem vote due to that Party's treachery in order to get into Government. Bridgwater councillor Brian Smedley , Chairman of the Sedgemoor District Labour Party said "It is clear that voter confidence in the Lib Dems has vanished. They said they'd provide 3,000 extra Police then voted to cut them instead, they said they wouldn't in crease VAT then did exactly the opposite and they said get rid of tuition fees and then voted to treble them. The LibDems are no longer a viable alternative anymore in the South West and recent Labour council victories in Cornwall and Gloucestershire show that we're on our way back."

Andy Merrifield , Chair of Wells CLP agreed and said "Labour were aiming to stand candidates in all the North Sedgemoor wards and seeing as the LibDems were being blamed for allowing the Tory cuts and now in some places standing against themselves, such as in Highbridge where the official Libdem candidates were up against anti-coalition independent liberals, voters were responding positively to Labour as the real alternative."

Sedgemoor Labour Group leader Cllr Kathy Pearce (Bridgwater Hamp) said she was taking inspiration from the County Council victory in Cornwall where the Labour candidate had come from 5th place to win and in Stroud ,similarly coming from behind to leap frog over the Libdem candidate to take the seat. "There is now no doubt that voters are returning to Labour. We learnt today that our new membership in the Region since the General election has now reached 3,770. Many of these are young people who feel a masive sense of betrayal by the Lib Dems, who a lot of them voted for last time. The Tories got in on a minority vote and are bringing in vicious and harmful cuts which they wouldn't be able to do without LibDem connivance! Obviously people didn't vote for this to happen and are now angry about this betrayal".

Council elections will be held on May 5th and Labour ,as the main opposition in Sedgemoor, will be working hard to double it's representation and to break the Tory hold on the District.

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