Friday, 14 January 2011


While all eyes were focussing on the Labour victory in Oldham last night a more exciting example of Labours recovery occured here in the South West as Labour came from 5th place to win the Camborne North By Election on Cornwall County Council .

Labour gain from Conservative

Lab 239 (33.1%, +22.4), Con 203 (28.1%, -8.8), LD 156 (21.6%, +2.2), Lib 61 (8.4%, +6.2), MK 32 (4.4%, -10.4), Green 31 (4.3%, +4.3).

Swing of 15.6% from Con to L
ab since 2009.

  • Champion, Michael Neale - (Mebyon Kernow - The Party For Cornwall) - 32
  • Holmes, Paul Thomas - (Liberal Party) - 61
  • Merrick, Jacqueline Norma - (Green Party) - 31
  • Pascoe, Anna Kerensa - (Liberal Democrats) - 152
  • Pascoe, Denise - (The Conservative Party Candidate) - 203
  • Robinson, Judith Christine - (The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate) - 230 Elected

Labour were in fifth place in this w
ard at the last election May 2009

Camborne North 2009
Con 36.9%
Lib Dem 19.4%
Ind 15.4%
MK 14.8%

Lab 10.7%
Lib 2.2%

With elections on the horizon here in Sedgemoor Kathy Pearce, leader of the District Labour group said " Both of last nights results a re obviously fantastic news for Labour . It is heartening that people are now seeing through the Coalition policies which are hitting public services disproportionately severely, targetting the less well off and the most vulnerable hardest . Locally and nationally , over the next few months, we are about t o see the loss of services on a scale neveer seen before. "

"The Tories and Lib-Dems are completely failing to address the issue of the mega-rich tax avoiders and the bankers who got us into this financial mess in the first place by a lack of regulation. They are pursuing a policy of rising unemployment and pressure on the public purse, which will potentially put us back into recession. They already borrowed more in December than the Labour government did the previous year.

"Today is the start - people and Labour fighting back and telling this government that this is just not good enough and there is a better way, through Labour."

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