Thursday, 13 January 2011

"I KEEP MY PROMISES" Says Labour winner in Oldham By Election

Labour have won the Oldham East and Saddleworth By-election with a massive 11% swing , 42% of the vote and an increase of 16%. Debbie Abrahams, who won the seat for Labour, said "This is a clear message to Cameron and Clegg. People are sick of broken promises on VAT , trebling Tuition fees, scrapping EMA . People are turning back to Labour because of the Reckless policies of the Coalition, the Unfair cuts and the broken promises. I keep my Promises!"

The result-which was better than even the Labour landslide in 1997, saw the collapse of the Tory vote as Camerons followers switched to the Cleggites in a desperate attempt to save their ConDem coalition cronies with 14% of Tory voters changing sides as dissillusioned Libdem voters switched to Labour sick of their parties broken promises.

Andy Burnham MP said after the count "Labour are winning elections again. This is a very good result for Ed Milliband who led from the front in a very difficult campaign. "

In her victory speech Debbie Abrahams referred to the founding of the Independent Labour Party by Kier Hardie in 1893 "when working people first realised the Liberals were not for them".

The result;-

Abrahams (Labour) 14,718
Watkins (Lib Dem) 11,160
Ali (Tory) 4,481
Nutttal (UKIP) 2,029
Adams (BNP) 1,560
Alan (Green) 530
FlyingBrick (Loony) 145
Maurice (Eng Dem) 144
KLoz (Pirate) 96
Bishop (BusPassElvis) 67

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