Tuesday, 4 May 2010


This week 'tactical voting' is all the rage. Several newspapers have printed their own guide to which party to vote for in which seat in order to stop Cameron winning and returning us to a new Tory Ice Age where climate change could only be a welcome relief.

Bridgwater is NOT mentioned in any of these 'tactical votes'. This is because it's considered a SAFE Tory seat and, not being a 'marginal', won't effect the General Election result . Of course things are different in say 'Taunton' where Lib Dems hold the seat by a just few hundred votes or in Somerset North east-a Labour seat with less than 1% difference between Labour and Tory -where a LibDem vote would let in the Tory.

So in this whirlwind of 'Tactical Voting' people are getting confused - especially by the deceptive Libdem leaflets which pick and choose statistics to make people think they can win here.

The key deciding factors in the BRIDGWATER & WEST SOMERSET constituency are the following;-

The last General election 2005;- Labour were in 2nd place to the Tories and therefore best placed as the party to 'lend your vote to' to get Liddel-Grainger out.

District Council Election results 2007;- Throughout the Constituency (thats west Somerset + the South part of Sedgemoor) Labour has 12 councillors-10 in Bridgwater but also 1 in Minehead and 1 in Woolavington. The Lib Dems have just 1 (in Carhampton).

County Council Election results 2009;-The County election vote swung to the Tories and they took most of the seats in the County wards within our constituency leaving the Lib Dems with 0 but labour with 1.

But the most important 'neutral' statistics to look at are on the BBC ELECTION 2010 website which shows that in Bridgwater Labour is the best tactical vote . This calculates the previous vote plus the 'Notional vote' which projects figures based on the boundary changes and shows Labour in 2nd place 25.6% to lib dem 3rd place on 22,6%. Combined this would topple the Tory projected vote of 45.4%. There are 4'other' candidates on the ballot paper - which combined are projected at 6.4% (Green, UKIP, BNP & Independent).

The Tactical vote in Bridgwater and West Somerset is LABOUR . Whilst the Lib Dems will try to con people that it's them, the truth is that if we want the Tory out people need to vote for KATHY PEARCE on May 6th

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