Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Bridgwater's much criticised Tory MP, Ian Lidell-Grainger, has finally turned up on the doorsteps to 'meet the voters' but has run into a storm of criticism which he has responded to by giving his public short measure and not helped his chances of re-election one bit.

On doorstep number 1 the elusive little stranger is asked about what he is going to do for them. He responds about how he will look after pensioners (much to the householders annoyance as she isnt a pensioner). Householder is not convinced and then tells him she's already voted Labour by postal vote anyway, he completely blanks her and storms off down the path, muttering.

Doorstep number 2 sees Liddell-Grainger challenged again ( a few doors along and out of sight of the first one) this time about the fact that he has not responded to his letter of 3 years ago. L-G gets on phone immediately, says 'oh yes they did respond'. Householder says why didn't he get a copy then. This is now definitely a recurring theme in his method of dealing with the fact that he probably hasn't actually responded .

Next stop and The Right Honourable Ian is challenged as to why he is keeping such a low profile. Does not cope with the question well and his parting shot is ' "well go on and vote Labour then".

Labour candidate Kathy Pearce, who has been out canvassing today in Williton and Watchet said "I'm quite moved by what a good response we've been getting as polling day draws ever near.People are incensed at Liddel-Graingers taking them for granted and equally outraged at the LibDems blatant misrepresenting the voting figures on their glossy leaflets and the fact they could con people into splitting the vote and keeping him in. As Gordon Brown said, it is time for Labour voters to come home. There genuinely feels like there are people out there who want to vote true to their beliefs this time and vote Labour with a chance of ousting Liddell-Grainger."

As Traditional Labour voters appear to be swinging back to the party in these crucial last few hours before the country could potentially take a disastrous step back in time to Tory rule, this could boost Kathys chances in a bedrock Labour area like Bridgwater and combined with a tactical anti-Tory vote to oust the unpopular former MP, the Conservative stranglehold on the area could be finally broken.

On the 'Wheres Ian Liddell-Grainger'facebook page today, independent voter Laura Costello wrote "I hope that all the people that have joined this group and have vented their anger about Mr ILG will use their vote on thursday to do the only thing that will get him out of our area, which is to VOTE LABOUR.

I have to be honest and say that I am not Labour supporter in general and do not support some of their general policies and actions, but see voting Labour in our area IS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL GET MR ILG OUT.

I have to add also, that Kathy Pearce (Labour) seems the most likely do to the VERY BEST for our town and to WORK HARD; she has been bought up here and still lives IN THE TOWN (not in a posh pile in the countryside or out of the constituency) and she has shown she will work very hard on the LOCAL ISSUES we all most care about."

Her statement was supported by David Gliddon "Totally agree - and Kathy Pearce has been vocal about supporting Bridgwater and the loss of the Sedgemoor Splash. Where was ILG when the town needed him? "Helping" place the new pool at Chilton Trinity in 2012!! A more inappropritae site you could not have found."

'Wheres ILG 'facebook creator Tom Douglas had to apologise today for deleting pro-Labour comments from his website admitting "It was wrong to do that. Such feelings shouldn't overide freedom of speech". However, the LibDem lie machine stepped up it's attempts to split the anti Tory vote by diggin up the 'Electoral Calculus' website to suggest yet another way that the figures could be doctored in their favour.

Labour Party election campaign manager Brian Smedley clearly refuted this "The problem with the Electoral Calculus website: it assumes a uniform national swing and does not take any local factors in to account. Although the general election is partly about electing a new government, it's also about choosing who you want as your local MP in 650 very localised and individual contests which will be informed by the context and circumstances on the ground. Any website that doesn't take this into account is deeply flawed and best ignored. Kathy is a popular and elected local councillor already, with 10 years experience and was born ,lives and works in the area. The Lib Dems have been wiped out electorally in the local councils and their candidate is from Wells-even though he pretends his address is Cannington! Don;t trust them - vote for Kathy"

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