Sunday, 27 March 2011


As 250,000 people from all over the Country marched through London in protest against the Con-Dem Coalitions programme of Cuts, they were joined by dozens of coaches from Somerset. Leader of Sedgemoor District Labour Group Cllr Kathy Pearce was on the march and sends this report.

"Labour members from the Bridgwater and West Somerset Constituency boarded the many buses leaving Taunton to proudly join hundreds of thousands of others from across the country to demonstrate our deep concerns and contempt at the devastating destruction of public services and education which the co-alition government are about to inflict on this country.

Those who had ne
ver taken part before in such a mass demonstration marched alongside large union contingents covering all aspects of society and from every corner of the country. The show of solidarity and unity and strength of commitment was heart warming, as was the show of beautiful and varied union and Labour Party banners. The march included all ages, from babies in pushchairs, children, families to the elderly and disabled representatives and those in wheelchairs all united to show the strength of feeling. We marched alongside brass bands and steel bands, which helped to keep energy levels and spirits up as we marched along and which reached a crescendo when we approached parliament and passed by Downing Street.

The march was peaceful, comradely and the carnival like atmosphere belied the underlying strength of will and conviction amongst those marching to continue to the fight to protect our public services.

It was a day to be p
roud to be part of an impressive show of strength and gave those of us who attended, strength and encouragement in our efforts to fight back against the vile policies of this co-alition government."

Labour leader Ed Milliband said "David Cameron, you wanted to create the 'big society' - this is the big society. The big society united against what your government is doing to our country!"

Dave Prentis (UNISON) said "the turnout was absolutely enormous and showed the anger of ordinary working people".

Michael Leahy (TUC president) said "Today brings back painful memories of the 80s. It's the same old Tories - who still think unemployment is a price worth paying."

Billy Bragg (from Dorset) said "It's all about people standing up for what's happening to other people they care about, not just friends and family but everyone. They are marching today because people feel part not of a big society but of a compassionate society"


  1. I was there in spirit and it made me cry to watch. What we need to do is name and shame these companies that are making profits in this country and not paying their taxes.

    If everybody that was on the march BOYCOTTED these Companies and told their friends to do the same we might achieve what the irish did with the real BOYCOTT!

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