Thursday, 28 October 2010


As the severity of Tory cuts becomes apparent- backed foolhardily by their LibDems stooges the people are starting to fight back! A series of demos and meetings are being organised across the county over the next few weeks. Sedgemoor District Labour party Leader Cllr Kathy Pearce has committed the Labour Group to support the campaigns and is calling for a united stand against the cuts

Kathy says "Join us in opposing the savage cuts proposed by the County Council. Why are the County Council acting in such haste, before any impact has been calculated and when they do not even know the final Government funding arrangements?"

"The scale of the cuts makes a complete mockery of their proposterous decision to impose a 0% increase in their share of the Council Tax, which has only exacerbated an extremely difficult situation. "

"We can only draw the conclusion that the scale of these cuts is being made because of an idealogical contempt of public services."

"Support the Rally on 6th November."

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  1. It's slowly dawning on people how bad things are getting under the Tories and their poodles, with the benefit cuts and retirement age rise, 20 percent VAT next year, closures and cutbacks everywhere, all to cover the loan to the bankers who caused the deficit in the first place, while they carry on as normal with their self-awarded multimillion pound bonuses. Benefit claimants scapegoated for the same reason, take the bankers and brokers out of the spotlight. It's starting to fail.

    Remember the Poll Tax? Cameron's pulling no punches and going straight for the jugular. Let's remind him what our class can do when our backs are up.