Tuesday, 27 April 2010


One problem with the media inspired Lib Dem 'surge' is that it's confusing voters in this constituency. Labour are clearly the best placed party to take the Tory seat , came second last time, have 12 District Councillors to the lib dem 1 and have wiped out the lib Dems to such an extent that they've had to import a candidate from Wells who pretends to have a Cannington address!! (lib Dems regionally don;t even advocate a tactical vote for him!!)Sadly- but not unsurprisingly, the Lib Dems have , as usual, resorted to lying and distorting the figures.

As the 3rd glossy lib dem leaflet was mailed to homes in Bridgwater and West Somerset this week claiming 'Labour Can't win here' and showing 'figures to prove this' we can reveal clearly the depths to which the lib dems have sunk in order to con the voters into squandering their anti-tory votes.

Lib Dems can't use the real figures -from the last General Election in 2005 which show tory on 21240 Labour IN SECOND PLACE on 12771 and Lib Dems 3rd on 10,940 - because this would show the truth-that they are in 3rd place and it;s THEM who can't win. And....they can't use the District Council Election results from 2007 because this would show Labour 12 councillors and Lib Dem 1 (the rest being Tory or Independent) and finally they can't show the 2009 County Council Election results for the constituency as this would show 10 conservative, 1 Labour and NOT A SINGLE LIBDEM...so they chose to pick a selection of votes based on libdems standing in areas where Labour didn't stand and added up the lib dem votes there!! Oddly, if they'd added the votes where both Labour and libdem stood , the results would have been 4757 con, 2073 LABOUR IN SECOND PLACE and 2031 Lib Dems in 3rd place.

"The LibDems are the dirtiest of all the parties in elections" said Labour Candidate Kathy Pearce who has been knocking on doors and is now on her 3rd leaflet since January with an army of dedicated footsoldiers "Because they had Clegg on equal footing with Brown and Cameron on the TV debates it gives the impression the Lib Dems have an equal chance of winning, but the way the British voting system works is they have to get hundreds of thousands more votes in key areas to actually take enough seats to win. That isn;t being made clear to people and-as usual with the lib Dems- giving false hope to people. The reality in Bridgwater is that Labour is in 2nd position with a strong organisation on the ground and a Lib Dem vote would just let the Tories in."

Kathy has been stepping up her door knocking to counter the Lib Dems scandalous misinformation face to face with the voters. "From Minhead to Bridgwater we've been getting the message across and have been getting a really wonderful and positive response. What is clear is the people DON'T want the Tories back, DO want rid of Liddell-Grainger and are gradually realising that the Lib Dems are nothing new and just-as ever offer false hope."

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