Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The Far Right BNP have announced that they will stand a candidate in Bridgwater at the forthcoming General Election and have immediatly run into a storm of condemnation. The BNP candidate-Donna Treanor (Far Right) a Scottish woman who lives in Croydon, has admitted she has never been to Bridgwater, knows nothing about the Sedgemoor Splash and didn't realise Admiral Blake was from the town.
Labour candidate Kathy Pearce (left)- born and bred in the town, currently in second place in the campaign and hot on the heels of unpopular Tory MP Ian Liddle Grainger, has condemned the BNP and their contempt for her home town "By cynically standing a candidate who knows nothing about Bridgwater and has never even been here, the BNP are showing themselves up for what they really are - a party with no concept of democracy or engagement in local communities other than to stir up hatred and division. They are beyond contempt, are a racist party as constantly proved through the courts and their roots can be traced back through all the twists and turns of the British neo-Fascist movement and it's offshoots since the 1930s.The people of Bridgwater should reject them out of hand and I call on other candidates to show their disgust by refusing to share a platform with them ."

Brian Smedley, who organised Bridgwater Against the BNP when they stood at the County Council elections last year also condemned them " Last year people were dissilusioned with mainstream politics and many people didn't bother voting. The result was that the BNP won 2 seats in Europe on the low turnout and a number of seats on local Councils. Now they are trying to get their first seats in the British parliament. Last year in Bridgwater people came together and leafletted, organised, demonstrated, held meetings and events and raised awareness of the truth about the BNP. The result was they were smashed. They are now trying to stand again but from the safe distance of Croydon. They are a despicable bunch and the people of Bridgwater now see them for what they really are and we call on everybody to be aware of what they really stand for and to get out and vote against them at this election"


* The BNP would kick out all those people who were not born in Britain. What if every other country in the world kicked out the Brits? A staggering 5.5 million people would be sent back here – far more than would leave our shores. This includes 800,000 from Spain, most of whom are pensioners.
* What if ... In a BNP BritainIf non-white people were ordered out of Britain then the NHS would collapse overnight. 16% of nurses are from minority ethnic communities, as are 40% of new dentists and 58% of new doctors!
* The BNP would introduce apartheid into Britain. The BNP call for whites to be given first preference in housing, education and jobs. This is no different from apartheid South Africa, a racist regime which the BNP supported.
* Mixed-race relationships would be outlawed. The BNP constitution opposes any racial integration. Articles in BNP journals condemn mixed-race relationships as “mongrelising the white race”.
* The BNP’s answer to violent crime is to allow every household to have a gun. We kid you not. This barmy idea was in the BNP’s 2005 general election manifesto.

To find the truth about the BNP go to the HOPE NOT HATE website;-

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